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What is Paleophage?

Paleophage is an upcoming third-person indie survival horror game, inspired by games such as Dino Crisis and the modern Resident Evil remakes.


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Explore a sprawling urban city center under siege by long-extinct creatures. Dinosaurs, insects, and other prehistoric threats lurk around every corner. You never know what you might find yourself face-to-face with.

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Use more than six upgradeable weapons against more than ten enemy types, including deinonychus, styracosaurus, and prestosuchus, in dynamic encounters that keep each play session fresh and unpredictable.

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With two playable characters, you'll need to fight, solve puzzles, and run for your life as you try to solve the mystery of, and put an end to, the Paleophage, an unstable biological force that threatens to upend life on Earth and put humanity at the bottom of the food chain.


Coming soon to Steam and PlayStation 5. Exact release date and other platforms TBD.

For press:

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Wishlist on Steam and follow to keep up with development news

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